Thinking in 140 Characters


“OMG, I should totally tweet that”

A very relatable thought for most of us, but what we fail to realize is it’s also a very corrosive thought for our intellect.

Voicing in 140 character leads to thinking, feeling and experiencing life in 140 characters too.  While it can be intellectually stimulating to transform thoughts and events into 140 characters and still pack a punch, you almost lose the essence of the idea that popped in your head.

Just when we should welcome thoughts and ideas, nurture and explore them further, delve deeper and cultivate them, misguided energy is spent on making them twitter compatible, trying to stay relevant within your following and true to your digital persona, while you defeat the purpose of a human brain.

You might seem opinionated on the web but you did not take sufficient time to cultivate your thought further, and putting it out there instantly can derail you from the beauty of, and the potential in that thought. Discussions with a diverse community sure sounds healthy, but a premature thought dies, as you engage in conversation with an intent to make you seem clever to others, or as we call it “exchange of opinions”.

It is definitely exhilarating to see how creative you can be with as limited as 140 characters, but what we fail to realize is that this character limit does not apply to thoughts and idea. Thank God for not imposing this limitation on your brain and Think Big. While the brain is designed to go berserk we are constantly conditioning it to be limited to 140 characters.

A children’s park, roads, social interactions, the view from your window in winters, the sunshine seeping from the curtains and vacation experiences should stir up deeper thoughts than just what would look good on your digital footprint.

You should know you killed the intent of a beautiful book and the intense thoughts of the writer, when all you were looking through the book were the right combination of 140 characters to be tweeted. How does hashtagging the writers thoughts as “quotes”, “life”, “love”, “philosophy” and more such fancy words achieve the purpose or the writer, or even yours considering you did not dwell on the beauty and depth of those words to feed your intellect. You cheated yourself out of experiencing a book for a few short-lived likes and retweets.

Human achievement should be advancing our intellect, going to a higher place, instead of advancing our twitter score.

….Because while you got intimate with twitter, you lost intimacy with yourself and people around you.

Butool Hasnain

Butool is an IT professional working on business process re-engineering and automation, an aspiring marketer who lives for good coffee, food and music. She tweets at @ButoolH.


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