Net Neutrality – Internet Needs Your Help to Remain Open

Net Neutrality

The Internet is the most liberating force in the history of human civilization. It’s transformed us from a patchwork of cities, towns, and villages into an intercommunicating organism; linking us to each other. It is vital that Internet remains a free and open platform to everyone in the world.

Turns out, it is that vitality which is it at stake now. Let me tell you how.

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Over-Inflating Your Opinion


Knowing that a major population of earth is young, are evidently very active and visible over the internet. The major target audience posting and consuming the content on social media is also the younger population, while it is expanding to accommodate wider all-inclusive age brackets and demographics.

A need to interact and share defines the people of today. Users gravitate towards social media platforms they can participate in and contribute towards in terms of content, where they receive the most positive responses. Hence, the choice between sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and the likes. If you notice closely our behaviors on Social media are extended to our social lives. Out of many such interwoven behaviors one is the over-inflation of opinions and voicing it to the extent of imposing them, belittling those who disagree. All because we have the freedom of speech.

We have often read how Facebook destroys the self-esteem of its users, and we condemn all the vicious things technology can do. What went unnoticed was how social media over-inflates its user’s egos with too many likes, shares, interactions and retweets on expression of social or political issues.

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Spotflux.. No More! Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Blocked Access to Spotflux in the Country

Spotflux-blocked-in-Pakistan Spotflux, a free proxy service that allows people to access uncensored content on the internet, has finally been banned by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). We tweeted about PTA interrupting Spotflux’s service by blocking ping requests to its servers on January 28. It is confirmed that it might have been a test run to a full-fledged ban on Spotflux and quite possibly other proxy services in the future.

Spotflux isn’t the only web application that has faced ban in Pakistan. More than a year ago, PTA banned YouTube blaming a controversial movie trailer Innocence of Muslims to be the source of civil unrest in the country. Moreover, Skype and Viber have also been blocked temporarily due to security reasons of an impeding terrorist attack. Continue reading

Digital Rebels – Google to Unveil Services Against Internet Censorship


Internet today is part of the very fabric of our daily lives. We use it to run businesses, communicate with friends, keep ourselves updated, and simply for entertainment purposes. It is hard to imagine life without the Internet. But, even in the 21st century, there are countries that provide restricted and monitored access to the internet to their citizens citing reasons such as national security. In such situations, Google came forward again and has presented its infrastructure and support to censorship-free internet across the globe.

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The Curious Case of YouTube Ban


YouTube does not need any kind of introduction. With 100 hours of video upload every minute, the video streaming and uploading website is one of the best sources of information on the world wide web. It’s been exactly one year since the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority decides to ban YouTube because of the release of “blasphemous content”, a video trailer of a movie Innocence of Muslims following mass unrest in fanatically religious section of the Pakistani society. Continue reading