Riding the Tech Rapids


If you try and measure technology, and try to grasp its significance over its current demand then you would feel that we are always living in the past and the future is actually something from the present. Have you ever felt that the processing power of our devices whither off within a couple of months time over the updates of just the operating system, or there is always that feel of rapidly usage of the hard disk space?

You know why we get this feel? Because of the speed!

The speed of evolution in technology is not by the innovations, it is sewed in to itself like gene codes, it will grow, then discard itself and then re-grow and then discards itself again!, like a whirlpool! Some people refer to this phenomenon as “Rapid” and other think of this as a never ending cycle of inventions and devices, well, as technology geeks, we always want to ride it!

Take for example the innovation of wearable gadgets, once they were not a consumer brand, everyone was hyping about it, now it’s what? Nothing but just another fancy device – wanna have it?

This is how technology will keep evolving; some of us become so obsessed with the sense of it that we tend to lose the reality and the rapid change that occurs. We will keep adapting and getting what comes our way. For example, think for a moment that you are standing at the bank of a mountain river and watching those white water rapids – now, try and feel the speed of the rushing water, the loudness, the energy, and then the utmost ever changing cycles of tons of water moving with the same exact patterns. Then all of a sudden, you see a canoe coming along with a single rider, tackling those rapids with proficiency and movement, using the oars and the body weight to remain in control, to dodge the objects both above and beneath the surface – and then you say to yourself, “Oh there is more to it then what meets the eye!”

Why I am explaining this?

Because technology is like the river of rapids, you can see it as an observer and get overwhelmed with whatever it is presenting along the way, maybe as a consumer you may use some, learn or even study about – but in reality only those people would understand and work their way who actually ride along this huge river of ever-changing rapids. In common words we call them the IT professionals

As a trainer, I have always started my awareness to quality and testing sessions with the provision of the right identity to the IT professionals;

“Who are you?” is the title I give, and within this I tend to explain about the career growth in this field. If you consider the academia, then right from the very beginning we are trained as “Programmers” – a lot of people are now questioning this approach that why academia tend to focus on development and programming in comparison to other skills which can be acquired by an IT professional; such as “Configuration Management”, “Sales and Marketing”, “Customer Support Services”, “Business Analysis”, “Software Testing”, “Networking” and “Project Management”. In comparison to other qualifications, IT professionals have to study as  Continue reading


Forbes 30 Under 30 – Three Pakistani Women Lead the Way

Forbes-30-under-30-2014Forbes releases the 30 under 30 list every year, enlisting bright people from different professions, including tech, social media,music, education, law, marketing, and others under the age of 30.

This year, a total of 450 people were chosen that belong to fifteen fields. Among those highly exceptional people were three Pakistani women.

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Access YouTube Videos via Tune.pk Without a Proxy

It’s been over a year since YouTube was banned by the government of Pakistan. For over a year, Pakistanis have used other video streaming services like Vimeo to watch videos over the internet. Well, not anymore! Tune.pk, a Pakistani alternative to the popular video streaming website, YouTube, has come up with a solution that will let you watch any YouTube video without having to use a proxy or VPN.

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Google Search – Reunion


Technology, despite forming up by cold and faceless components like motherboards, hard disks, copper, fiber optic cables, promises a world filled with dreams, hopes, inspirations, warmth, and connection. Continue reading

Pakistan Creates Thumbprint-based Electronic Voting System

iPhone5s-ThumbprintAccusing the winning political party of unfair game, fake votes and counting in the General Elections is something losing political parties and their supporters whine about every time. This year’s General Elections were no different. Although, living in the 21st century, we are bound by old, humans-centralized system of counting votes. Well, National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has changed this once and for all.

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