Forbes 30 Under 30 – Three Pakistani Women Lead the Way

Forbes-30-under-30-2014Forbes releases the 30 under 30 list every year, enlisting bright people from different professions, including tech, social media,music, education, law, marketing, and others under the age of 30.

This year, a total of 450 people were chosen that belong to fifteen fields. Among those highly exceptional people were three Pakistani women.

Khalida Brohi | 25 | Founder, Sughar

Khalida-Brohi-Sughar-Forbes-30-under-30-2014Sughar is a nonprofit that empowers women through a six-month course of life awareness, basic education, enterprise development, and business knowledge so they can turn their skills of crafting traditional embroidary into saleable fashion products.

The women completing a six-month course, i.e. graduating from one of the Sughar centers, get a loan to kick start their business and the opportunity to reach national and international markets to sell their products.

Highly determined Khalida has a plan for the next decade: change the lives of 1 million women in Pakistan! Khalida, who often likes to refer to herself as a ‘village girl at large’, believes that a society can be established where women are not killed for honor but are honored.

Shiza Shahid | 24 | Co-founder, Malala Fund


The Stanford graduate, Shiza Shahid, is one of the youngest people in social entrepreneurship category. Shahid is the founder of  Malala Fund, a trust that raises money for girls’ education around the globe.

Shiza Shahid met Malala when she set up a camp for her and 30 other young women fighting for their right to education. Her friendship with Malala and her family grew stronger as the years went by. When she found out that Malala was shot by Taliban, she flew to Birmingham where Malala was being treated. During the time of extreme stress for Malala and her family, Shiza helped the family manage the chaos in their lives.

Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, upon his visit to Malala, offered his support to Shiza’s cause and asked her employer, McKinsey and Company, their full support including approving a 3-month leave of absence. During that time, Shiza had come up with a fund to help Malala and girls like her across the globe. “I care so deeply about this family, and we’re all heartened by what we have managed to create so far,” Shiza says.

Malala Yousufzai | 16 | Co-founder, Malala Fund


The 16-year-old Malala doesn’t need any sort of introduction, whatsoever. She doesn’t even hold many honorary awards and titles because of her work for education for women in countries like Pakistan, she’s also the first Pakistani woman to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2013.

Moreover, Malala co-founded a trust, Malala Fund, with Shiza Shahid to collect funds for education for women across the globe. To this date, Malala Fund has collected over $400,000 of grants.

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