Start Healthy, Stay Healthy

Pakistan is growing with a rate of 1.49% of its population each year. Out of 1000 of those infants born, 57.48 die. We are among the few countries with moderate percentage of child miscarriages. A whopping 33% of the entire population of Pakistan consists of children between the ages of 0 and 4.

A high number of child mortalities are partly due to the lack of knowledge of a child’s nutrition. Nestlé, a brand that doesn’t need any introduction, organized a blogger’s meetup as an effort to spread the importance of child nutrition, specially during an infants first 1000 days of brith.

The event took place at Pearl Continental Hotel on a pleasant Saturday evening. #First1000Days was conducted by Dr. Huma Fahim who is Medical Advisor in Nestlé Nutrition. I was amazed to know that when a child is born, it is actually 270 days old already. So the main focus of the event was children health during first 1000 days of their lives: 270 days before birth and 730 days after opening their eyes in this world. According to Dr. Fahim, these 1000 days are most critical to a child’s health. She also pointed out the importance of nutrition of a mother during pregnancy and after giving birth to a child. This bodes very well in favor of taking extra care of a woman bearing a child, something many households, specially rural ones, should know about. A mother’s diet and health overall directly impacts a child during the first 1000 days of their lives, which means a malnutrition or an over-nutrition can greatly effect the physical and mental state of the child.

Dr. Fahim also shared an astonishing and interesting statistics with us as well. According to her, malnutrition or over nutrition, have contributed to the fall of average height of an infant by 4 inches now. We also got to know that a child’s height by the second year of his life is almost half the height that child will have as an adult.

Nestlé has an expertise in nutrition and believes it has a responsibility to share that expertise. We want to promote better health through good nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life. Research shows that children who don’t get proper nutrition in their early years can’t fully develop their physical and cognitive potential and are at an increased risk of poor health as adults.

– Waqar Ahmad, Head of Corporate Affairs.

Giving a child their fair share of health is not only a responsibility of its parents and the state but it’s also our society as a whole. So let’s be good samaritans and share the word.