#GrandeAffair, an Affair to Remember


Toyota, for many, are synonymous with cars. Be it is was your first car that you bought through many hardships or a wedding anniversary gift to your loved one. Toyota has been one of the largest car manufacturer in Pakistan. With its luxury line, Grande launch, Toyota invited bloggers to a day filled of awesome activities that included seeing first hand how cars are manufactured in Toyota’s massive plants.

The day started with us leaving for Toyota’s plant located in hub. The weather that day was pleasant, which is very rare in Karachi. We had enjoyed our ride very much. Upon reaching there, I was astonished to see how big the facilities were. You’d literally get lost inside one of their factories.

We were welcomed into one of the halls where there was a session about Toyota and some numbers about its sales and performance over the years, followed by some really nice advertisements of Toyota. Now, unlike many blogger events, we were promptly served with delicious lunch. After that, came the high time of the day: visit to Toyota’s manufacturing facilities.

We say the car getting manufactured from metal sheets to pieces of arts that you or I would end up driving. I felt like I was inside a documentary of National Geographic Channel called Mega Factories. We experienced the process first-hand. We weren’t allowed to take photographs so I couldn’t save the moments.

After all of that time, we were taken to test drive the newly launched Grande line of cars. The racetrack was shorter than I expected but driving those cars was really, really fun.

We’ve already come to the end of the day by that time so we went for a nice, soothing cruise. We were served with nice food during the cruise and had a lot of fun and mingling with fellow bloggers.

All and all, it was an awesome event as most brands usually don’t do all-day events. I am certainly looking forward to more events from Toyota.


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