Google will announce Android “M” in this year’s I/O

As per Google’s tradition, the latest version to Android will be announced during Google I/O 2015. While this information hasn’t been confirmed by Google (well, duh!) but AndroidPolice managed to get a screengrab of a session detailed agenda mentioning ‘Android “M”‘. That part is undoubtedly removed from Google I/O’s website adding more to the story.

Screen grab of the agenda of a talk at Google I/O 2015, mentioning Android M. It was later removed from the website.

Screengrab of the agenda of a talk at Google I/O 2015, mentioning Android M. It was later removed from the website.

Google’s not new at teasing its fans. Remember how Nexus 5 was unveiled?

A screengrab from a video on KitKat's launch when Google's own camera

A screengrab from a video on KitKat’s launch when Google’s own camera “accidently” caught this guy using a Nexus 5.

Though Google I/O session description doesn’t offer a lot of details, it is expected that Google will be focusing more on bringing the power of Android to enterprise with Android Work. Moreover, it is expected that new voice actions shall be announced with deep integration into the system that goes beyond simply performing some tasks via “OK Google” hotword. Google describes Voice Search as follows:

Mobile hardware has adopted the touch screen as the primary mode of input. And with 1 billion active Android users, there’s no sign of this slowing down. What if you could provide users with a new method of access to your apps with little to no development overhead? In this talk, we introduce Voice Access, a service that gives anyone access to their Android device through voice alone. We will focus on simple steps developers can follow to ensure that Voice Access provides an optimal experience within their apps.

We’re not really sure what other sweet things Google will be announcing in the coming weeks. We aren’t even sure what “M” stands for here. Marshmallow? Muffin? Mango? Mocha? Meringue? Mars? Can’t wait to find out.

Basit Saeed

Passionately a software developer, Basit Saeed considers himself a person who believes in software and social media being the change agents of 21st century. He is a techy, a gadgets freak, and loves playing with code whenever he can. He tweets at @basit_saeed.

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