Over-Inflating Your Opinion


Knowing that a major population of earth is young, are evidently very active and visible over the internet. The major target audience posting and consuming the content on social media is also the younger population, while it is expanding to accommodate wider all-inclusive age brackets and demographics.

A need to interact and share defines the people of today. Users gravitate towards social media platforms they can participate in and contribute towards in terms of content, where they receive the most positive responses. Hence, the choice between sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and the likes. If you notice closely our behaviors on Social media are extended to our social lives. Out of many such interwoven behaviors one is the over-inflation of opinions and voicing it to the extent of imposing them, belittling those who disagree. All because we have the freedom of speech.

We have often read how Facebook destroys the self-esteem of its users, and we condemn all the vicious things technology can do. What went unnoticed was how social media over-inflates its user’s egos with too many likes, shares, interactions and retweets on expression of social or political issues.

Staying informed is healthy for personal development, but sharing also includes a space to adjust views that contradict your own. Sharing and appreciation of your idea is not reason enough to have an implicit trust on your beliefs and opinions.

Visibility and appreciation on social media conditions one to over-think their importance. Oddly enough after a few widely appreciated posts, people tend to add internet/social media activist to their profiles, resumes and introductions.

Being from a digital age one cannot ignore the benefits of technology, one of which is developing a sense of global community and exposure to cultural diversity. But the darker side of technology and social networking has detrimental effects on one’s emotional and psychological well-being.

I strongly believe anything positive should get its due coverage, but does that mean anything and everything you say is correct? That anything you say might change how people behave?

Butool Hasnain

Butool is an IT professional working on business process re-engineering and automation, an aspiring marketer who lives for good coffee, food and music. She tweets at @ButoolH.


5 thoughts on “Over-Inflating Your Opinion

  1. I am not sure if the social media platforms are the culprit in terms of inflating our egos, our egos have always been inflated for no reasons whatsoever. I am sure you must be aware of the disease we have “tu mujha janta nahi”, its outbreak hasn’t been a recent phenomena, our nation has had it for ages! Which is why we don’t seem to get out of this mindset that everybody is concocting conspiracies to harm us since we are “better” than everyone! What we see in social media is just a reflection of the “disease” we have been suffering from.


    • That’s true, everyone has an ego but technology has made it easier to get appreciate or endorced which makes it get to our heads.


      • Agreed. But I would say this is a con and similarly there is a pro to it as well. For instance people have started opening up which wasn’t the case before. Now people would not keep things bottled up but they would share it with others however they feel. They express a lot more now which I feel is a positive thing. We don’t have to agree with everything people share or like, but at least this has become their outlet for their expression.


  2. Very good write up. Reading it is really a treat. I do think OVERINFLATION of personality is all over the a place on the social media. However I am slightly dis agreed with ” how Facebook destroys the self-esteem of its users”. I do not exactly think so.


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