An Everlasting Phone – ZTE Shows off a Modular Smartphone


The world of technology and gadgets is ever-changing. The effective life span of a gadget is decreasing very fast as there’s a tough competition among tech companies to bring new, better, and cooler gadgets to consumers. You may spend a good amount of money on a smartphone you find cool and that just suites your needs but pretty soon, many better options are available to you. Your phone might not support the newer, better version of an operating system or perhaps the new ones run on an eight-core processor.

What if we told you that you can add or replace specific phone components into your phone? Want a better camera in your phone? Buy the camera module and insert it into your phone just like you insert an SD card into a phone.

Yes, that’s not science fiction! ZTE Corporation shows off Eco-Mobius, a modular smartphone  with separate, removable modules like CPU, RAM, camera, and even a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). The concept, on the other hand, is not new. A little while ago, Motorola unveiled Project Ara, an open-source initiative to manufacture modular smartphones. Although Motorola hasn’t released a public prototype of its phone, there are rumors that the company has created an internal prototype of the phone of the future.


ZTE Eco-Mobius with pictorial representation of the parts of the phone as modules.

ZTE concept looks aesthetically pleasing but it is just a design concept right now. There are a lot of technical challenges to developing something like Eco-Mobius. So, if you were daydreaming about saving up for such an incredible phone, don’t! It’d take some time to develop something as good as the design concept of Eco-Mobius.

Despite the odds, Motorola’s engineers are highly committed to make this phone, possible. CEO Dennis Woodside sees Project Ara as the future of the company. Motorola had already hired a manufacturing partner and they are accepting and analyzing hardware designs and concepts from contributing designers all over the world, thanks to Google’s open-source way of thinking.

It’s only a matter of time for engineers over at Motorola to overcome the technical challenges in developing this phone, and when they do, we’d be here to break the news of a “phone worth keeping” to you.

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