Access YouTube Videos via Without a Proxy

It’s been over a year since YouTube was banned by the government of Pakistan. For over a year, Pakistanis have used other video streaming services like Vimeo to watch videos over the internet. Well, not anymore!, a Pakistani alternative to the popular video streaming website, YouTube, has come up with a solution that will let you watch any YouTube video without having to use a proxy or VPN.

The solution uses a Google Chrome extension that, after installation, redirects any YouTube URL you open to will then embed the YouTube video into their own website, and then stream it for you. This transition from YouTube servers to’s only takes a few seconds and is faster and less annoying than browsing YouTube via proxy.

Let us guide you through the steps to get instant access to any YouTube video (UPDATED GUIDE):

  1. Download’s Google Chrome extension.
  2. Open Google Chrome browser, click on the icon on top-right corner of your browser, and from the list of options, choose ‘Tools’, then ‘Extensions’.
  3. Now simply drag and drop the downloaded extension file in Extensions area and it will install in no time.
  4. And, viola! You’ve successfully installed the extension on your Google Chrome and are capable of viewing YouTube videos now.

This extension also lets you watch a YouTube video embedded in any website you visit. It will simply load that video in that page for you. was launched in 2006 but it gained popularity after government’s decision to ban YouTube last year in September because of “blasphemous” content. Pakistani government has since tried and blocked services and apps like Skype/Viber. Although there are many proxy websites to visit YouTube, not to mention Google’s efforts to a censorship-free Internet, this method is pretty straight forward and simple.

Go ahead and give it a shot!

3 thoughts on “Access YouTube Videos via Without a Proxy

    • You should have Chrome installed in your PC. They’re only providing an extension to Google Chrome’s desktop version only. Perhaps in the future, there’d have extensions to other browsers and support on mobile-based browsers, too.


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