Google Plans on Selling Your Physical Location to Advertisers

It’s no secret that Google tracks the web activity, contacts, and even emails to create an accurate profile of yours and show you ads based on that profile. But now, the tech giant has taken it to the next level: selling your physical location to advertisers.

Yup, Google is going to track your physical location and pass on that information to advertisers to make more money.  We already know that Google is working on tailored maps individually crafted for every user. How, you may ask, is Google going to leverage your location information in a lucrative manner? Let’s see: say you want to visit a cafe for a cup of coffee. You do a Google search for “cafes” in your town, a particular cafe could bid to have its ad listing shown to you. Now that you’ve seen that ad, Google can track your physical location to find out whether you actually visited the cafe or not. That way Google can prove to advertisers that its location-based searches actually work. This tool of Google is still in testing phase and Google post published on 1st October hints that it will be released soon.

This sort of Google tracking doesn’t come with any app that you can uninstall, although reports state that even though you have no Google app running in the background, Google can still track your physical location based on Wi-Fi signals and even cell phone towers. You can, however, opt out of such tracking by turning off Location Settings in your Android phone. If you’re one of the 45.9% Android smartphone users around the globe, you can have a glimpse of the amount of information Google has stored based on your location history using Google Dashboard. Just sign in with the gmail account you’re using in your Android smartphone.

What do you think about having a tech giant storing your physical location and selling that data to advertisers? Let us know via the comments.


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