Twitter Releases IPO with $24 Billion Valuation


The Microblogging and social media website, Twitter, hosting 200 million active users, is a publicly traded company worth $24 billion dollars now.

Earlier today, Twitter set out to release its Initial Public Offering of $26 which soared up to $44.90/per share, a booming 73 percent increase.  Out of 193 IPO’s so far this year, Twitter’s was the 14th largest, leaving behind giants like Netflix and LinkedIn.

The Twitter IPO event was an interesting one in itself. Started with Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, founders Jack Dorsey,  Eavn Williams and Biz Stone, bringing up ordinary people and celebrities that use Twitter like a representative from the Boston Police Department and Vivienne Harr, the 9-year-old kid that sold lemonade for over a year to end child slavery, to ring the bell starting Twitter’s trade.

After the trading started, Twitter’s stock price soared up to $50 in just ten minutes, essentially doubling from its initial estimate of $26 per share. But soon it came down to an average of $45 per share and stablized there. This boom tells us that despite Twitter’s lower user-base than Facebook, it is one of the hottest companies for investors.

So, what are you waiting for? Go buy a share of that little blue birdie.

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