Google Introduces Tailored Maps


Tailored map? But maps are based on places being actually there, right? So how can they be tailored for specific people? That’s exactly where our mind went when we got to know about Google’s plan to release customized maps. Let’s see what’s the biggest tech company in the world is up to.

In a Roadmap 2013 conference, taking place in  San Francisco, two of Google Maps’ senior UX designers announced that Google will be launching a personalized version of its map pretty soon. These personalized maps will be tailored to every user based on their web activity, interests, and browsing history.

Google is in a unique position to gather huge amount of personal data about each and everyone of us. Over the years, the 15-year-old tech giant has been exponentially increasing the amount of data it has collected about every internet users. Now Google stores in its huge database, information from our location to personality assessment based on the conversations we have and our web surfing history. Google now decides to use that Big Data to customize maps for its users.

When we combine the location with the other data we have, we can actually build a new map for every purpose or every location — a very specific map that no one has ever seen and won’t be there again because it was just created for this one purpose.

said Jonah Jones, a user experience designer at Google.

Let’s see how Google’s customized maps turn out to be.

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