Instagram on Windows Phone


Instagram, the social photo and video sharing application that was acquired by Facebook last year, is coming on Windows Phone.

Once an exclusive product for iOS users, Instagram was acquired by Facebook last year for a $1 billion. After a few months of its acquisition, Instagram launched its Android app. Currently, it has over 100 million active users and 55 million photos a day. Many celebrities use Instagram to share photos and videos with millions of their fans.
Windows Phone users, in this case felt left out because Instagram hadn’t released any official app for them. Well, not any more. Under Nokia’s pressure, Instagram has decided to have an official app for Windows Phone users. So, if you wanted to buy a cool Nokia Lumia but didn’t because of the unavailability of Instagram, now would be a good time to consider buying one.

Microsoft has been trying every thing they could to make Windows Phone a mainstream smartphone for average users. That includes acquiring Nokia, as well. Microsoft isn’t only working on the hardware side of things, they have been trying restlessly to get these huge apps for its Windows Phone platform and looks like they’re succeeding in it. I believe Microsoft’s Windows Phone has a bright future nearby.


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