Back With a Boom – Apple Launches New Devices and Software

Apple comes back with a bang! Apple launch event ended a few minutes ago. The event took place in San Francisco, California. A much anticpated event in which Apple was rumored to launch new iPad, Mac Book, and software updates.

Era of Technology was live-covering the event and we’re excited to give you a summarized version of the Apple launch event.

It started with Tim Cook’s appearance in his signature black shirt and a pair of jeans. Cook took off by sharing stats from  last month’s iPhone 5C and 5S launch event. These stats would suggest that over 200 million iPhones have been sold as of yet. 64% of those devices are running iOS 7, Apple’s latest operating system for iPhone and iPad.

After sharing more stats of iTunes and Apple devices, Tim Cook mentioned an update to OS X, Apple’s operating system for Mac Books and Mac’s.

Cook went on with the new and cool features in OS X.

osx-maverick-with-3d-mapsTim Cook unveiled Apple’s efforts to make their maps application better. Maverick, according to Cook, comes with a 3D maps application (copying Google, are they?)

Cook claims that the Mavericks are designed to minimize the use of battery’s charge hence providing a longer duration.

Moving forward, Cook invites Craig Federighi, Mac and iOS software chief, on stage.

Some of the features of the new Mac Book Pro are

Other noteable features include integration to OpenCL libraries for crisp graphics, full-screen apps (like Windows 8/8.1), improved twice the amount of video memory than previous models.

During enlisting of features of MacBook Pro, Federighi reveals the price of new Mavericks update.

Yes, quite true! Download and install Maverick on any of the MacBook you own for free.  However, MacBook Pro is priced at $1299, down $200 from its previous version. Not bad, actually.
Today’s Apple event was full of surprises. Phil Schiller, senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, unveils Mac Pro, a charming computing beast designed specificially for power users. Some mind-nummingly features of a Mac Pro include

Some other features include 1.2 GB/s and 1.0 GB/s read and write speed, 384-bit dual memory buses, 40 lanes of PCI Express solts. This device looks beautiful but inside it, undoubtedly, lies a powerful beast. Must have if you work on extensive image/video editing tasks or game development.

Today wasn’t just about incredible hardware, Apple launched updates to software, too. Here’s what they had to offer in that area

Apple seems pretty generous. With a purchase to their new MacBook Pro, you get these software for free. Although some of the software have features that will only be available if you purchased it. Oldest trick in the book.
It’s been over 80 minutes now and Cook comes back on stage. Apple is yet to drop the final bomb.
Yes! You guessed it right! Launch of the new iPad.

The newly-born iPad is named iPad Air.

iPad Air is light as a feather. Other features include

This new addition of Apple to the family of tablets, is going to cost

Where do you think you’re going? Cook isn’t done yet. Lo and behold, the new iPad mini!

This is a smaller, yet equally powerful, and somewhat cheaper alternative to the iPad Air. It is going to cost

And that would be it, folks. Tim Cook wrapped it up today’s launch event and thanked everyone for showing their loyalty to Apple.
Apple certainly has created a buzz after this event. Rumors had it that Apple has lost its way after the demise of its main figure, Steve Jobs. Let’s see how well do these products and software sell in the market.


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