Microsoft Buys Nokia for $7 Billion

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) doesn’t really need any kind of introduction. Whether you’re a mid twenties person using your netbook for browsing or running a data centre worth millions of dollars, you would be familiar with Microsoft. Same can be said about Nokia, a Finnish multinational mobile phones manufacturing and information technology corporation.

With the exponentially growing industry of smartphones, and of course the operating system that runs in it, every big shark in the global market is hungry for its share. Currently Google single handedly holds the first position with 65.2% share of its Android operating system in the global market. Although Apple manufactures hardware for its smartphones and tablets, Google has an upper hand: there are a lot of smartphone manufacturers that make phones for Android OS.

I do, however, agree that manufacturing hardware to run an operating system gives you a lot of open options such as deep integration, hardware-based operations, and specifically writing your operating system based on  hardware used in the phone. With that in mind, Microsoft buy the multinational giant Nokia in $5 billion while it is paying another $2.18 billion to get the license of Nokia’s patents portfolio. stephen-elop-nokia-and-steve-ballmer-microsoft

Nokia’s former CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer during Nokia’s acquisition.

With that huge of an investment on Microsoft’s end, we can only assume what they must have planned for the future regarding Windows Phone development and making their cut of booming market.

Embrace yourself, smartphone users, an awesome line of smartphones is bound to be coming your way.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Buys Nokia for $7 Billion

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