Android to Launch Kit Kat

No! Don’t worry. Google didn’t buy Nestle unlike Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, your favorite chocolate is still manufacured by Nestle.
Oh, but Android just launched a newer version of their awesome operating system and they are calling it KitKat. If you are interested in tech-related news, then you know how Android likes to name major updates.  Although its previous version were generic descriptions like Jelly Bean and Gingerbread. According to Sundar Pichai, senior vice president at Google, it is confirmed that the version 4.4 of Android will be named Kit Kat. Pichai also shared that Android has passed 1 Billion device activations. Pichai mentions a cute and giant Android bot similar to Kit Kat bars is now in Google’s front lawn.


I am still unsure how Google just decided to incorporate a huge brand name like Kit Kat into the title lf an opetating system. It is unsure how the licensing situation was handled. Did Google simply pay to use Kit Kat’s name or is it still licensed to Hershey’s in the US and Nestle everywhere else around the world?


2 thoughts on “Android to Launch Kit Kat

  1. According to the sources neither of the parties are paying each other. I believe it’s coz of the free publicity both the companies will get.


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