Facebook Testing Trending Topics on Mobile Site


Facebook is reportedly testing a trending topics widget on its mobile site. Facebook trends would work exactly like Twitter trends, allowing you to view trends that are being discussed on Facebook across the globe. These trends would be displayed in a widget just beside News Feeds on Facebook home page listing trending topics on Facebook. When you click on anyone of those topics, it’d show you what your friends have shared (statuses, pictures, videos, links, etc.) on the topic and then what everyone else has shared on it.

This test is being conducted on a small percentage of Facebook users residing in the U.S. and using Facebook Mobile.

Facebook issued following official statement about these tests:

Today we started running a small test that displays topics trending on Facebook. It is currently only available to a small percentage of U.S. users who use Facebook’s mobile web site (m.facebook.com) and is still in very early stages of development. We will share more details down the line if we decide to roll it out more widely.

What do you think of this hashtag feature on Facebook? Would it add any more value to your Facebook experience or do you think it is just another copied feature of Twitter?

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