Facebook Home for your Android Smartphone

Facebook Home

So a few days ago, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) announced to launch a revolutionary product Facebook Home for Android users across the globe. Facebook Home, as the name suggests, makes Facebook the center of your device. Using Facebook Home, you can stay in touch with your Facebook friends 24/7. It is an app for people, not for phones.

Although Facebook Home is only available to a few devices right now, there’s a hack available on the internet that’ll let you download and install Facebook Home on any of your Android phone. Below are the steps using which you can download and install Facebook Home on your Android smartphone:

1. Download the following .apk files:

2. In order to install an apk file externally, you need to enable your phone to install non-Market applications. In order to enable those settings, go to Settings>Security>mark check on ‘Unknown sources’ option.

3. Uninstall the native Facebook app installed in your smartphone. That includes uninstalling Facebook Messenger or any Page Manager you might have installed.

4. You’re all set up! Browse in your SD card the files you’ve downloaded above (and copied in your phone), and tap on them to begin the installation. There’s no order to follow during the installation.

Lo and behold! You’re ready to use Facebook Home on your smartphone! Have fun! Do let me know your experience with Facebook Home.

Note: Facebook Home requires Android version 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) to be installed in your smartphone. It is only a beta release of Facebook Home so the app may become unresponsive and even crash. Install at your own discretion. It is my understanding that you require a rooted phone in order to completely uninstall Facebook app from your phone, if you’re unable to uninstall Facebook app, you should not install Facebook Home on your device.

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