Crazy 4 Good – Hojao Good Ke Liye Crazy

Group Photo

Coca-Cola is a brand that doesn’t need any kind of recognition whatsoever. Their beverages are consumed by tens of millions of people worldwide.  As a responsible organization that aims to give back to the society, Coca-Cola has been involved in executing various CSR projects worldwide. The company has initiated several corporate social responsibility projects in Pakistan as well, some of which don’t even follow the traditional CSR wireframe. One such project, launched by Coca-Cola Company worldwide is “Crazy for Good”, which encourages individuals to perform acts of kindness to people around you. Coke labels such individuals, who perform these acts, as “crazy”, hence the phrase “Crazy for Good”. On Sunday, 23rd December, 2012, Coca-Cola Pakistan launched the Crazy for Good campaign in Pakistan iin one unique way. Almost 50 social media influencers were invited to join Coca Cola’s Hunt for Crazy Masters. All the crazies were gathered and taken to Tushan Beach, one of the coolest beaches in Karachi (well, I guess it actually is out of Karachi). Anyway, the Coke Happiness Bus left for the location. It was 1 and a half hour drive which didn’t feel that long – thanks to Coca-Cola and our moderator, RJ Khalid Malik, for having some cool interactive sessions planned for us. The sessions included a story narration that participants (read: crazies) were asked to continue adding whatever they want in it. On the way, a Cannon A810 digital camera was given to all of us as a giveaway.
Upon reaching the venue, we found out that it was a nicely-decorated hut with good seating arrangements. We mingled with other crazies and took lots of photos. After lunch, we were taken to the session room where Mr. Zohare Ali Shariff, CEO, Asiatic Public Relations Network, educated us about many CSR projects which Coca-Cola Pakistan has initiated in the country. Some of them included, support to Kafhf Foundation for empowering women through microfinance, collaboration with Rana Liaquat Craftsmen Colony, collaboration with Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy for promoting the efforts of unsung heroes of Pakistan as a part of Coke’s Reasons To Believe campaign, which was launched earlier this year, and some other projects through which Coca-Cola Pakistan has proved itself as a company that cares about the community. After this presentation, Mr. Moiz Syed, Group Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Pakistan, shared the philosophy of “Crazy for Good” initiative. During the presentation, several inspirational videos were shown, including a video that Coke has acquired by collecting footages from different CCTV cameras around the world, showing people doing acts of kindness for total strangers. After the session, all of us were able to find a ‘crazy’ within us. We  pledged to be crazy for good and perform acts of kindness for others, no matter what others may think of us.
I would like to wish all the best to Coca-Cola Pakistan for this initiative and would like to congratulate the company and its amazing team at Asiatic Public Relations (Pvt) Limited for organizing, arranging, and executing this event brilliantly.


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