New Twitter

On December 9 (most probably), Twitter surprised its users by a whole new design when they logged on to from their browsers. I, too, was amazed to see new design and features of the website. This new design implementation is in testing phase, I believe. Many of my followers mentioned, with somewhat of a disappointment, that their Twitter design hasn’t been updated yet. So, I thought why don’t I write a something on new Twitter design? And here I am! It’s not just the interior that has been redesigned.  See? I really liked this new page. It seems to be different every time you open the main page. I think that this concept of showing different styles or images is really very cool. The main attraction when your home page is loaded is the sleek and modern icons. The ability to see your number of tweets, people who’re following you, and whom you’re following in real-time is cool. You had to open your profile page in order to see that information. This new design of homepage also gives more space to your background. If you’re like me, you probably want others to notice some cool background you’ve put up. Well, now new Twitter layout has made it possible for you. I find ‘@connect’ more attractive than ‘@replies’. This page hasn’t gone through a lot changes. There’s an option to either view all the mentions or view both mentions, retweets and favorite tweets by others, and new followers. One thing that Twitter really revolutionized is the portrayal of hashtags. This idea of having interactive content with the hashtag itself is very innovative. Previously, hashtags were just, well, tags. Now you can watch a picture or a video next to the hashtag itself. Forget about browsing through dozens of tweets on a particular hashtag to find any interactive content.

Well, there’s a little part in ourselves that makes us curious about what our friends are up to, isn’t there? Considering just that, Twitter has decided not to remove the controversial, yet famous, Activity tab from their new design. Go to #Discover page and you’ll find it. Yup, there it is! Now, while you’re on Discover page, look for this new feature on Twitter. Though, most of you must’ve used “Find Friends” feature on other web-based services, I’m seeing it on Twitter for the first time.

At last, I’d like to tell you about another interesting feature of Twitter, an option to browse categories. You can find specific tweeples by browsing through famous categories or searching your own category. This makes finding tweeps who like the things that you do, very much easier.

One thing that I liked the most, is the ability to embed your tweets in your blogs and websites. No longer is the need to take a snapshot of your tweet. Just click on the permalink, click on ‘Embed this tweet’ option, copy the code, and paste it in your blog/website. There you go! You’ve just embedded your tweet! Now anyone can follow you, reply to your tweet, or retweet it without leaving your blog/website. See mine as an example:

If this new twitter design has applied on your account, then share this blog post and make your friends jealous. It’s fun, no?!

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